Within the town of Tarragona, Spain lies a world that is unknown to the majority men and women – a key field of whores. Though prostitution has become putas en Tarragona illegal in Spain since 1956, still it is out there below ground. This short article will investigate this hidden community by diving into its record, customs, and present day-working day ramifications.

The History of Prostitution in Tarragona

Prostitution is part of Tarragona’s customs for many years. Throughout the Midsection Grows older, prostitution was common in numerous cities since it was seen as a satisfactory form of amusement. In 1553, the area authority passed on laws that allowed prostitutes to ply their buy and sell openly in certain parts of the town. This meant they can work without fear of being arrested or harassed through the government bodies.

Nevertheless, this altered when Franco got to strength in 1939. Beneath his regime, prostitution was prohibited and then any associated actions have been regarded as unlawful and punishable by law. In spite of this prohibit, prostitution carried on to exist in magic formula places including brothels or exclusive flats. It wasn’t until 1975 that prostitution grew to be officially decriminalized again in Spain.

Contemporary Implications

These days, prostitution continues to be full of life and well in Tarragona despite its illegality less than Spanish regulation. It really is predicted that you have over 500 prostitutes employed in the area at any time with many working from brothels or private homes as an alternative to on the roads on account of greater police enforcement against neighborhood walkers. The marketplace is largely unregulated which suggests it really is susceptible to exploitation from pimps or other criminals who may benefit from ladies doing work within this market for very own get.


The trick arena of whores in Tarragona is an fascinating one full of rich culture and history which includes advanced as time passes regardless of laws and regulations attempting to hold back its lifestyle. Although it might be illegal less than Spanish legislation these days, it has become a thriving organization behind shut down entrance doors offering job opportunities for those willing to risk entering into this shadowy world without guarantee about what is waiting for them there. For history buffs or curious visitors alike, checking out this mystical spot of modern society can provide understanding of a fascinating element of lifestyle often kept unexplored or disregarded by standard places.