Renting a car on special occasions is more than just materialistic thing. It involves feelings and emotions of the persons. So, get it right to avoid any sort of discrepancy.
To rent a car is an adults’ job, means a person below the age of 21 can’t even think of it. There are lots of options when it comes to rent luxury car dubai. There are all sorts of car and for all different occasions, from personal to formal event. All is covered.

So, what is required? Firstly, and most importantly a license. Now, when you search rent a luxury car in Dubai or rent a sports car in Dubai, there is a list of reputed car rental agency. And most of them prefers, an international license. This license is signed by the respective country of the tourist. It is translated in many languages, and saves a lot of trouble too. With this there will no issue from any local police. Neither the tourist needs to give any driving test.
Having an international license is a bonus, and another is having a rent agreement. It is more of necessity than bonus. A rent agreement will decide most of the cost to be paid. While paying the luxury car rental in Dubai, the rent agreement is also signed. Some of the extra facilities like GPS, or having to extra distance, or paying for fuel is not in the agreement. Although, the baby carrier is free.
The rent agreement includes the standard mileage cost, for Ferrari it includes the pick and drop but within Dubai, car insurance is included only if the customer is not at fault and lot more.
Thus, a rent agreement should be read well as well the condition of the car should be checked before hiring.